Every Friday Night starting at 10 p.m. Get in the mix The Go Getta Mix with me ADRI.V The Go Getta as my featured DJ of the month brings "The Club to The Crib".  The Go Getta Mix has been a great platform for many DJs aspiring to be on radio and has developed many success stories. Its that time of year again as I look to showcase new DJs with great talent to hold down The Mix, The Go Getta Mix on Friday nights with me!

So listen: If you are a DJ or know a DJ who is interested in getting in the mix, The Go Getta Mix, on The Only Station Blazing that Hip Hop and R&B, email me at TheGoGettaMix@Gmail.com and I will respond back with the instructions. Let’s get in the mix!

-ADRI.V The Go Getta

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