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Coming off the heels of the pandemic and being stuck in the house there are many things that stayed on my mind and that was time. I couldn't help but think about how despite the world being put on pause that the clock was not. Although we had to sit and stay still, that clock just kept ticking. And by the time we looked up an entire year flew by us. Some seen it as a loss while others seen it as a gain.

Although many seen this as a time to relax I was conflicted with using the time to relax and using the time to get better, meaning using this time to focus on things that I needed to perfect for my growth. You see while in college I became obsessed with time. I tried to beat the clock when working out, doing work, or even driving. You know when the GPS gives you your expected time of arrival? This is the time I try to beat every time. I tried to use every minute, I would read between walking to classes and was supper calculated with everything I did because I wanted to use my time wisely.

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Today I still look at time in such a way, in fact it means much more to me now. I'm no longer trying to beat time but respect it and honor it while I have it because we don't own it, we are on borrowed time.  So how do we honor and respect time? Well let me share how I have on my journey.

  • Wake up early: I have learned that getting up early allows me to get more done with my day. The earlier I start the better I feel, the more I can get done.
  • Make That To-do List: It's so simple but so many don't understand how this gives you direction, helps you save time and execute on time as well. Making a to-do list will help you get the things you need to get done and keep track of your assignments.
  • Create a Schedule: Even during quarantine I created a schedule for myself and had a set uniform. I got up at set time, worked out at a set time and worked on the things I wanted to perfect at a set time. Also coming off quarantine I still stuck to a schedule. Mondays are my maintenance days (Maintenance Mondays). These days I get my nails, hair or anything self-care related done that needs appointments. Some like doing this on the weekends but I like to be fresh going into the week. "Shop on Sundays" this is the day I do grocery shopping and a little retail therapy for myself. Theses are just a few ways I keep my schedule in place.
  • Work it Out: Working out is key to respecting your time here on earth. Although we are on borrowed time you want to show up as your best self as possible and feel your best while you are here. Not only is working out great for the body but it is indeed great for the mental which helps allow me to be more creative with my time.

Time is truly a thing that you can never get back and to be honest you don't own it anyways, its borrowed. So with that in mind lets make good on the investment and use it wisely.

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