As of late Russell Simmons has been in hot water with accusations of rape. Recently two more women came forward to file criminal complaints accusing Simmons of this deranged act. The NYPD has now stepped in and is doing further investigation and reviewing the information they received. The two women one anonymous and the other Sherri Hines a member of the hip-hop group Mercedes Ladies met with New York Police to provide evidence of their serious accusations towards Simmons. Hines has already shared her story with the Los Angeles Times and claimed that Simmons raped her in 1983 in his office where she ‘left crying.” The other woman who remains anonymous claimed Simmons raped her in his Manhattan residence in 1991. TMZ reported that the NYPD has over five claims accusing Simmons of rape. Simmons responded to all allegations by first denying all claims and saying “ These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core.” In trying to prove his innocence Simmons has started a #NotMe hashtag in following the #MeToo hashtag in trying to hold his accusers accountable for a crime he has said he did not commit.


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