Confidence Like Kanye West: Monday Motivation
"I am running for president of the United States"  -Kanye West
We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States 🇺🇸! #2020VISION
— ye (@kanyewest) July 5, 2020
Another Kanye tweet that has…
Go Getta Motivational Minute
I often find motivation in the heart of others. What I mean by this is that through the life of other people struggles, failure and triumphs you can find the motivation through their ability to overcome, to get through it and to allow it to make them better...
Go Getta Motivational Minute
Ever need something to keep you going? Something that was going to give you a spark or boost in your step? Well Monday-Friday I come to you with a shot of inspiration as I give you The Go Getta Motivational Minute.
Todays message in The Go Getta Motivational Minute is all about "Doing It Now&quo…
Go Getta Motivational Minute With ADRI V
Like Kelly Rowland Said "Let Me Be Your Motivation"
Staying motivated is essential to achieving your goals! Weekdays let me, @ADRIVTheGoGetta give you your daily dosage of motivation! Checkout todays Go Getta Motivational Minute 9/12
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Get Motivated With ADRI V
Need some inspiration on this Tuesday?
Motivation is always needed! Get Your daily dose of Motivation here!
Todays Motivational Minute Focus is very simple...Just A.S.K
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Go Getta Motivational Minute
Motivation is needed on a daily. I know me personally  I need a daily dosage of it. So if your like me here is your daily dose of Motivation the Go Getta Way!
This weeks Go Getta Motivational Minute focused is "Quitting Is Not An Option"
Checkout this weeks Go Getta Motivational…
10 Best Bucket Hats of Summer 2014
EPMD made bucket hats hot back in the days and ScHoolboy Q brought them back in the now generation. So which ones do you need to cop this summer. Check out our list of the 10 best buckets for summer 2014.
Go Getta Motivational Minute
Weekday’s during ADRI V "The Go Getta Show," I have made it my JOB to make sure you stay motivated and to give you something to think about. I have realized that daily, sometimes hourly, we all need a little motivation. This is ...
Let Me Be Your Motivation!
Weekday's during ADRI V The Go Getta Show I have made it my JOB to make sure you stay motivated and to give you something to think about.  I know what its like working a JOB that you cant stand coming to when you wake up in the morning and I know what it is like to be in the Career you des…