Are you celebrating Indigenous People's Day or Columbus Day? I'm not celebrating either one of them for various reasons. The truth about Columbus came out a long time ago if you are up on your history. Who really wanted to celebrate this monster anyway?

He was an Italian explorer who behind the violence and murdering of Indigenous communities. Why was he being honored anyway? If you haven’t noticed, people aren’t accepting or glorifying the so-called hero’s from our history anymore that was clearly behind one of the biggest atrocities in American History. Native Americans aren't innocent either they were active participants in the slave trade also they fought with the Confederacy against the United States.

Although NY has not yet adopted Indigenous Peoples Day, several other states have already have adopted the holiday. What is Indigenous Peoples Day anyway? Indigenous Peoples Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. In the past year, at least five states and numerous cities and towns have joined a long list of localities to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Of course with the change, comes opposition, especially the Italian Americans who have a great point that it’s their day to celebrate their heritage and the contributions of Columbus coming to the United States.

I say to each his own, most history is fairytale or nightmare depending on what side of the fence your ancestors sat on. I particularly don't think we should celebrate either one, truth is Native Americans were active participants in the slave trade even after the Civil War. Native Americans fought hand in hand with the Confederacy working as spies to kidnap and sabotage black Union soldiers.

Native Americans also fought against laws that made it illegal for them to keep Foundational Black Americans in bondage after the Civil War. It's contradictory to condemn Columbus but commend Native Americans especially when their history has been dismantled, when both groups oppressed other people. The Native Americans got double-crossed and became the victims of the exact same people they collaborated with. It is

I used to support the changing of these holidays until I really began to examine history. Here is a suggestion; any holiday associated with historic events and figures should have a 100-year limit because it seems like no matter what there will be some dirt on historical figures.

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