It definitely goes down in the DM. If you have a question you would like us to blast out over the air and online, hit us on any of our social media accounts or email me directly I will keep it absolutely anonymous and this is the no judgement zone, so please be honest. Today's scenario comes from an anonymous male listener, who is having girl problems:

I need help, so I’ve been dating my girlfriend for the past nine months and everything was great until she felt the need to tell me about her past hoe-ish activities. She told me before me she had over twenty bodies and she had Chlamydia, and gonorrhea. I really love her and though this was in her past and she’s cured I can’t help but think I would have never took things this far with her had I known from the jump. what should I do?

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I wouldn't really even let this bother me or feel any types of way about this situation. Her past is her past. At least she was honest enough to let you know what she was out there doing. No one can change their past, but it sounds like you have a real one because she told you the truth. I'm sure with all her sexual experiences she is an expert in the bedroom. Finding someone with a sexual history like a nun is hard to come across now a days, just appreciate her honesty and keep it pushing, player.

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