The Best of Generation Next So Far!

Generation Next: The 518′s Hottest Artists airs on Sunday nights at 10pm on Hot 99.1, & the RadioPup app. Listen to hear all of your favorite local artists and let us know who is really HOT.


This week, I wanted to switch it up and bring back the winners of the past 7 episodes, the 1st runners up as well as some some crowd favorites.

Vote below for you favorite song. Whoever receives the most votes returns next week. If a song has enough votes and attention, we will add your music to the rotation. Voting ends on Sunday, July 12. 2015 at 10amEST.

The Artists are as follows:

Generation Next 1

Winner - P Gutter - Dream Girl


Generation Next 2

Winner - Golden State Boyz - We On feat. Marvin Bell

Runner Up - Dannie The Gr8 - Menage feat. Juice &  Whoz Tomorrow


Generation Next 3

Winner - Locx _ Say So

Runner Up - Leonardo Aristotle - C0mfort Z0ne


Generation Next 4

Winner - Bry - For My Dyns

Runner Up - Conflict - Wish I Had It All


Generation Next 5

Winner - Truth InRhyme - Victory

Runner Up - Boy Genius - How I Do It


Generation Next 6

Winner - Big Face Luciano - 25/8 feat. Xavier White

1st Runner Up - US Bay - Take It Off feat. Ron Browz


Crowd Favorites

B Fresh - I Gotta Get It (Ep. 2)

80 G - Maria (Ep. 3)

Tameka Amar - Incredible Remix (Ep. 3)

A Nice - Swerving’ on Em (Ep. 5)

Cal Calington - No More feat. Rocka Boy (Ep. 5)

Iam Shamar – Sex Noises (IG: @OfficialShamar) (Ep. 6)

NV - Breathe (Die With Me) (IG:_EtiquetteProper) (Ep. 6)

BWay - On Yo Body (IG: BWay_CurfewBoyz) (Ep. 6)

Tito Montana - Mac Sauce (Ep. 6)