Album Review: Rather You Than Me by Rick Ross: So Rozay came with it a little extra on his new album. His lyrical skills are on full display for sure on this album he spoke his mind on this project.

Ross dissed Birdman which I don’t think any of us were expecting to hear on this album. This is by far one of Rozay’s best albums to date I mean Black Market last year was pretty dope, but this one edges it out not by a lot that’s how dope he is.

This by far one of the best albums of this year for sure man this year in Rap just keeps getting better & better by the week.

People say that Ross can’t rap like lyrically but he can and really great might I add also. I loved how real he got on this album also he always brings that street wisdom and is great at also.

Here’s the link to Rozay’s best album to date he always comes correct when he gets on the mic but he came a little extra harder on this album!!!

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