The West Coast has a new Legend in the making right here. The scary part about G is that this is only his 1st of many more DOPE albums. He's bringing back that Real Gangsta Rap Style which is much needed for the culture. His flow is so west coast he keeps it 100 percent authentic on this debut album of his.

2 The Left

The best songs from this BANGER of an album are Everybody, What's Real feat Mozzy, Mind Yours, What Up Cuz feat AD & TeeCee4800, Go feat Bino Ridoeaux, On Mind Yours he's rapping about how his life isn't our business and how people NEED to mind their own business for real. On What Up Cuz G & AD are talking about how don't be buddy buddy with everybody in Cali because you don't know which side they're on FYI be careful what color you wear in Cali.

If you love that OG Real Gangsta Rap then G Perico is the artist for you. If ya'll haven't heard him before we'll get know him because he's here to stay yet another West Coast rapper making their name known he ain't going nowhere anytime soon.

This album is so FIRE!!!!!!! Definitely looking forward to hearing more from G Perico in the future.

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