The West Coast is back with more fire. These dudes Audio Push have some serious HEAT. I definitely was late to get to Audio Push now I really wish I listened to them before now. When I listened to the album, I loved the vibe the album is very edgy and real. The West Coast just keeps coming with more and more hot artists.


Both members play well off each other after one gets done ripping the mic the other member absolutely kills it and sets it up for the next verse their a super-dope combo. If you can't remember them they were the dancers in Your A Jerk & Teach Me How To Dougie.

They've been killing it since they were featured in those videos. Best songs on this album are Update, Slidin Solo, Sanctified, Phazes, Silver & Gold. On the track Silver & Gold the dou is rapping about even though they have all the jewelry in the world, that there not gonna change how they rap or who they are. One of my favorite quotes from the song

I'll never sell my soul

It is hard to find artist nowadays that stand on these type of principals. On the song Phazes, they are rapping about they debacles that they fave on a day-to-day basis. One of their friends got shot in a shootout and how they felt dealing with that type of violence on the daily.

On the song Update they are rapping about how they'll give you an update, on how they are doing when we start caring more about them. Slidin Solo is rapping bout how they grinded really hard to get to where they are now they made their own lane and they've Killed it. This album has so many FIRE bars on it Love this album.

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