J. Cole sure does know how to pick artists for his label. Cozz FINALLY dropped his  official debut album "Effected", and holy smokes he absolutely annihilated it.

It's refreshing to hear MCs actually rapping with real lyricism like this week. Just this week alone, the MC's have really come with it especially Nipsey Hussle & Cozz.  This is just a breath of fresh air that we need this to continue through out 2018.

Cozz has the potential to be one of the best not only from the left coast but in Hip-Hop in general.  His lyricism was in FULL effect on this debut album, some of his his wordplay and rhyme-schemes absolutely blew me away.

The best songs on this album would have to be Hustla's Story feat Kendrick Lamar, Demons N Distractions, Zendaya Feat J.Cole, Ignorant Confidence, Badu Feat Curren$y, Effected.  On Hustla's Story he's rapping about how when you have nothing you go as hard as you have to to make a negative situation positive.  On Ignorant Confidence he's rapping about how he doesn't care that he's ignorant and who it effects (pun intended fully).  On Demons N Distractions he's spitting about how his demons are really de-railing him from his craft but doesn't stop Him from going the hardest just makes him more hunger to be the best.

This debut album is definitely a top contender for album of the year. The west keeps coming with that Real Rap ya'll!!!! Take a listen and leave your boy a comment if you agree.

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