Czarface is BACK with some extra bars. This is a perfect match right here The Metal Faced Genius with Esoteric and Inspectah Deck this one is SPECIAL right here.

These two meshed so well on this album they traded fire verse after fire verse it was a true joy to listen to as are ALL the Czarface albums by the way. We have been getting spoiled with all the DOPE hip-hop like Real Hip-Hop albums that have coming out this year.  I personally think it's absolutely incredible to listen to actual real Hip-Hop. It's a breath of fresh air to the people that say hip-hop isn't good anymore because of mumble rap but I believe you're not looking hard enough.

There weren't a lot of features on this masterpiece but they don't really need them because they're so iLL at the craft, but the features that were on there were straight HEAT.   With names like Open Mike Eagle (my first time hearing him super dope MC) and Vinnie Paz stupid hard bars from him as always.

The best songs from this work of art would have to be Badness Of Madness, Bomb Thrown, Phantoms featuring Open Mike Eagle, Astral Traveling featuring Vinnie Paz & Nautical Depth. On Badness Of Madness there rapping about how keeping Real Hip-Hop is alive is very important. On Phantoms the duo is rapping about how there are different obstacles that we all have to jump through and how we do that is important. If you haven't heard this Album then I HIGHLY suggest that you do you will NOT regret it.

I give this a 10/10 rating this is a BAR-FEST!!!!!

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