The West Coast keeps coming with that FIRE!!! These dudes SOB have the HIGH energy and hardcore West Coast feel that I love and man it's DOPE! I love their energy and the authenticity of the rhymes on this album. The West Coast can do no wrong, and right now they are on a serious hot streak right now With Evidence, Berner, Nipsey Hussle & Now is taking their shine.

SOB is gonna BLOW up this year for sure, you can count on that. SOB comes from a long line of Bay Area legends like Mozzy, E. Mozzy, G-Eazy, and obviously the OG E-40, Sage The Gemini, IAMSU! Now it's SOB turn to let everybody know that there here and not going anywhere.

The best bangers on this album would have to be The Man Now, Always, List, Paid In Full, Lifestyle.

On The Man Now they are rapping about how they were the man of the house at a early age and that they've always been motivated to do better than the people before them did.

On Always the dou raps about how there always, on one and how the grind doesn't stop until everybody in there crew eats.

These guys have that crazy West-Coast Flow and insane energy that you can just feel when you listen to them it's just infectious.

This is definitely a group that will be around for a while that's for sure. Here's the link to this West Coast Heat Rocker :

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