So Mr. Swavey Himself is back with another Masterpiece. Now he's been doing his thing for a while now if you aren't familiar with him I HIGHLY suggest you get very familiar with Tory because he's not going anywhere anytime like Ever.

He's grown a LOT since his debut album I Told You So back in 2016 he went through some really really hard times while growing up in the 6ix. He's very balanced on this album much like on I Told You So he has a gift that he can sing really awesomely & he can spit with the best of them which is not easy to do.

The best songs on this work of art would have to be Old Friends X New Foes, Shooters, Pieces feat 50 Cent, Happiness X Don't Tell Me, DON'T DIE, Dance For Me feat NAV, Real Thing feat Future. On Old Friends X New Foes he's rapping about the friends you used to know become strangers in the long-run and that's so true because you think someone is really your friend then go and stab you in the back and are real shady in the end, also he says new friends become dangerous because you can't trust a soul these days.

On Happiness X Tell Me he's rapping about how his mom had such a big impact on him and when she passed away it hit him hard he's basically saying Tell me if you know how this feels and that's real Deep.

All around this album is Absolutely incredible ya'll if you guys haven't heard it I really Suggest you do so here's the link to this album of the year contender.

This album gets a 10/10 easily ya'll he poured everything he had into this album and definitely shows when you listen to it.

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