First it never hurts to get familiar with a new sport or even learn the names of rising athletes that are excelling in their field and representing the good old U.S of A.


This year the USA are favored as well as China to take home a slew of medals.Do you know who Mallory Pugh is?You should shes the teenage sensation on the US soccer team playing  alongside veterans  Hope Solo and Kelly O'Hara.

Tood Ludwick Leads Team USA
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The US women's basketball team is a shoe in for a gold metal but you'll have to watch and see if they do.I understand many people don't watch but Summer 16 should be different.There's hope and magic in this year!

And,I'm looking forward to Simone Biles and Micheal Phelps  bringing home plenty of medals.These are pretty good reasons to support and watch this years summer games.

The Olympics do make me feel more patriotic and grateful for the land of opportunity.Kinda like Christmas makes me feel more loving and giving.

I hope you'll be watching this year. The opening ceremonies take place this Friday and airs on NBC  you can get the full schedule here.Taking bets with your friends or family click here for the Top Athletes to look out for!

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