Community Conversations With The Mayor Of Albany
I want to talk to the mayor, the governor, the mother ...... president.
I want to talk to the FBI, and the CIA, and the mother.... congressman.
That quote is from Nas I Am that was released in my senior year of high school, and unfortunately, 21 years later the words and lyrics of this song still rema…
Spring Break Family Awareness Day
Its all about the Family this Friday for Spring Break Family Awareness Day. This is a family fun-filled day with food and educational ideas that are dedicated to the Family.
This will also be an opportunity for less fortunate families to get free donations of hygiene products we know that these pro…
Curvention 2019 Workshops
Curvention is pleased to announce the following FREE workshops which not only mirror our mission but also strives to inspire, uplift and motivate each attendee.
JuneTEAnth Celebration At Proctors
Join Velvet Rope at Proctor’s Theater for our 2nd annual JuneTEAnth production. Come out to see the works and performances of Regional Creatives all in a celebration of blackness --- black beauty, black culture, black history, black excellence.
#SAVEOURSTREETS Telethon At Proctors
William Rivas has come up to Hot 991 numerous times to talk about the various initiatives the #SAVEORUSTREETS movement has participated in this year. This is a live telethon and event. There will be speakers and performances from local talent.
Black Mental Health Matters Tonight [VIDEO]
Mental Health is an issue that crosses color lines and impacts the Black community big time and often goes undiagnosed and untreated. 518 BLK has created an event that brings the community together with mental health professionals to discuss black mental health.
Black Mental Health Matters
Mental Health, This issue affects people of all skin colors, but mental health is largely disregarded in the black community and people are often mislabeled as crazy.
Miracle On Craig Street
Miracle on Craig Street is the community-based non-profit initiative created to reopen The Carver Community Center. The center, which was founded nearly 50 years ago was a hub for children and families to gather whose closing in 2013 deeply impacted the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood...
Sunhees Turns 1
Sunhee's Kitchen is known for their amazing Korean cuisine and relaxed and warm atmosphere. This Saturday will mark their one-year anniversary this coming Saturday.
Available at the party will be samples from their new menu, traditional games, and prizes...
Women Entrepreneurs
Ladies its never to late to become a boss. Owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the goals that a lot of women want to achieve. In a male dominated business world it is often hard for women to get that first business off the ground...

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