Members of the Albany community showed up on Tuesday in front of Albany City Court demanding action for two Albany residents that they feel we're treated unfairly.

It all stems from an incident that occurred at the beginning of the month on June 2. Kimani Addison and his girlfriend, Desiree Shuman, were both arrested. Addison was arrested that day for allegedly inciting a riot and his girlfriend, Desiree Shuman, was arrested for resisting arrest.

Apparently there was a video of the incident that Mayor Kathy Sheehan had an opportunity to view. Once Sheehan saw the video, she released a statement on June 3 saying that all charges against Addison and Shuman would be dropped. Sheehan called the arresting officers’ conduct unacceptable; therefore she announced that she was having the charges dropped for the two suspects. There is just one small technicality: the mayor cannot drop charges. She can suggest that charges be dropped, but she cannot be the one who drops them.

There seems to be even more confusion about the situation. Because of COVID-19, all court appearances have been moved or postponed. Even more confusing: when Addison tried to check in to have her court date changed, she wasn’t even in the system. Because neither suspect has been able to appear before a judge, their charges still stand.

It's good to see members of the community sticking together to make sure that people are getting real justice. In spite of COVID-19, Albany residents are banning together and fighting for justice in our judicial system.

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