Curvention is expanding the brand, If your not familiar with curvention it's "THE CELEBRATION OF FULL FIGURED WOMEN THROUGH ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT AND FASHION." They do an annual fashion show, this year they are taking women's empowerment to another level by presenting monthly workshops. Dedicated to motivated woman across the Captial Region.

Curvention is pleased to announce the following FREE workshops which not only mirror our mission but also strives to inspire, uplift and motivate each attendee. The topics are as follows:

-Love the Skin You’re In
-Eat Good, Feel Great
-Style Boot Camp
-Strut and Pose Like a Pro
-Team Work

Workshops will take place on January 5th at the Albany Barn, which is located at 56 Second St in Albany NY. Participants who auditioned on November 10th and December 15th must attend each session from START to FINISH to be considered for the Curvention 2019 cast.

Please note that Curvention’s workshops are open to the public. We welcome and encourage individuals from all walks of life to come experience our exciting, feel-good itinerary.

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