Join us every Friday across the Capital Region for Albany Playstreets. Hot 991 will be out in the streets providing the soundtrack and broadcasting live. In the wake of COVID-19, the city of Albany is still trying to keep young people engaged. The city has announced a new initiative called PlayStreets, which is a traveling event that goes all over the area with fun events for children.

Department of Recreation Commissioner, Jonathan Jones says that PlayStreets will feature games, music, and free lunch in an attempt to reach young people throughout the region for fun and safe activities. All of the activities will be outside, with social distancing enforced and participants must wear masks.

Ishmael Morton of Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Region, says that all of the games will be changed to conform with COVID-19 regulations. PlayStreets will take place every Friday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m. and will travel to different locations each week.

Kathy Sheehan, the Mayor of Albany, spoke about the new program. She hopes that the program will have a positive effect on the region. She acknowledged the stress of being shut inside due to COVID-19. She also noted that the region has seen one of the hottest and one of the most violent summers in recent history.

Mayor Sheehan also spoke about the recent increase in COVID-19 patients and gave everyone a stark warning. She said, “We cannot continue on the path that we’re on. We will shut back down. Mask up, or shut down.“ She emphasizes the need for everyone to practice strict hygiene protocol. Wash your hands, wear your mask, and maintain appropriate social distance.

We all know that maintaining proper COVID-19 protocol does work. The children in the region deserve a summer where they can have fun and just be kids. Hopefully, PlayStreets will allow our children to have a fun-filled and carefree summer. Listen to find out when the next Albany Playstreet is coming to your neighborhood.

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