Its that time of year again when the Youth FX group premieres their short films this year's films look Epic. The Youth FX group always does a great job of portraying the Capital Region through short creative films that inspire thought. Whether the films are on social issues or comedy, the Youth FX group always comes through with quality movies. The work they do is amazing every year I look forward to this year's premeieres.


The Youth FX film program will host the world premiere of their 2018 short film collection on Thursday April 19th @ 7pm at the Landmark's Spectrum 8 Theatres The screening will feature short narrative films and documentaries and will be followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers and program directors.

$10/Adults $8/Students

If you aren't familiar with Youth FX here is a brief rundown of their extensive resume :

Youth FX primarily works with young people who reside in the South End, Arbor Hill and West Hill neighborhoods of Albany, NY, areas that have been historically under served and in need of meaningful opportunities for training and engagement in new digital media technology. The skills they are learning not only enables them to be more creative and express their ideas, but they are also valuable skills that are in high demand in today’s technology based world. Youth FX participants engage in their communities by creating documentary and short fiction films that reflect their understanding and vision of the world around them.

Youth FX films have been screened and won awards at dozens of film festivals across the country including:

Tribeca Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Chicago International Film Festival
DC Independent Film Festival
Woodstock Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Festival
Harlem International Film Festival

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