The ice cream war in Gloversville is officially over. The feud between ice cream truck drivers for Sno Kone Joe’s and Mr. Ding-A-Ling was a hot topic in local media, national media and the late night television circuit. The case went all the way up to state Supreme Court, where the judge decided the city of Gloversville rightfully denied Sno Kone Joe’s a permit to sell their delectable treats in the city.

Sno Kone Joe’s driver Josh Malatino allegedly tried to bully Mr. Ding-A-Ling. Malatino tried to; literally, drive the competition out of town.

A lot of news stories get stale after a while. This one kept my interest for 4 weeks, not because of the ridiculous nature of the story, but because of the woman who I have dubbed the “Sno Kone Smoke Show,” Amanda Scott.

Scott is the owner of Sno Kone Joe’s, and the girlfriend of bully-driver Malatino. Joshy-boy (aka Mini Artie Lange) must have a cobra stored in his briefs to land a hottie like that. And DAYUMN, does mami know how to rock a pants suit or WHAT? You can check out some more flattering photos than the one posted on the Times Union website.

Am I off-base here? (I must admit, my standards aren’t too high)