Hey Supreme, I have a Hot Topic for you. My husband and I had a discussion regarding our previous partners.  We're both divorced and have children from previous marriages.  Our relationships with our previous partners are civil, he and I are at a good place with them. 

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While having a casual conversation with my husband, I asked him if something were to happen to his ex-wife would he attend her funeral?

He hesitated to answer, which means yes!  I personally think that once you get divorced, you cut all ties.  I'm trying to understand his point.  Is it okay to attend your ex-partners funeral?  Why would you?  Once you are divorced, the new partners have the right to be there, NOT THE EX!

What?!? This seems incredibly petty. If your husband and his ex have children I would expect him to attend his Ex's funeral because she just isn’t his ex she is the mother of his children. That is another level that exceeds just being husband and wife, that is a lifelong generational commitment. In this case, he wouldn’t be attending her funeral for her benefit it would be to console his children through grieving their mother.

I would like to ask you what is the problem with her attending her funeral? It’s not like they have any possibility of getting back together. She would be deceased. Your viewpoint seems very immature and there are way more important things to worry about other than a hypothetical situation of a one-time event.

You are getting jealous of a dead person that you claim that you get along with while she is alive. Right? This doesn’t make any sense. You might want to work on your pettiness before it destroys your marriage. No man wants to be haggled about an imaginary funeral for his children's mom. Live in the present, and find better things to talk to your husband about. What do you think should you attend and Ex's Funeral?

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