Raekwon keeps it rough, rugged and raw on his new head-nodding song “Wall to Wall.” The Wu-Tang Clan member taps fellow New York spitters French Montana and Busta Rhymes for the gritty track.

Produced by She da God & Snaz, the song features cascading drums and a melodic piano groove. The rap trifecta spit descriptive narratives of the harrowing street life.

French is performing double duty as he sings the chorus in his drowsy vocals and then raps a story of murder and mayhem.

“Clear view, dark tints, hustle by the park bench / White top, blue tops, niggas I don't call friends ('Til they called the law) / Called my niggas, grabbed their / hammers ('Bout to go to war),” he raps.

Rae follows as he weaves a seedy tale of drug-selling and money earning. “Take money in suitcases, bracelets and cake mix / Come out the hole, this is weight flicks / So much bread, we build lead houses / Run the shed we see dead thousands,” he spits.

Finally, Bussa-Buss provides a gritty verse explaining the method behind the madness of street hustling.

“Everything we do to the s--- take precedents / While we go stackin' residuals / N----s starvin' to know just how we do it / Absolutely we be stayin' in the money every night (Dracula) / N----s, stay up in it like Jamaicans and stay in the maximum,” he raps.

Overall, this is a nice banger that doesn’t seem out of place with three New York rappers displaying gritty bars over a tough and rollicking beat.

“Wall to Wall” will appear on Raekwon’s upcoming album, Fly International Luxurious Art, which is scheduled to hit stores on April 28.

Listen to Raekwon's "Wall to Wall" Feat. French Montana & Busta Rhymes

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