Recently I read an article that stated 59 out of 100 homes in New York house sex offenders.And,many I read were within blocks of where users would roam to catch Pokemon.

New York Mayor Coumo wants to fix this issue to ensure the safety of children and other individuals who may be at risk.So he wants all sex offenders banned from playing PokemonGo.

@Pokemon_Parody, Twitter


In other words no PokemonGo for you if your an offender in New York state.He stated that we have to ensure that the advances in new technology don't become new ways for predators to prey on victims.

I couldn't agree more but would this really help?Do you believe that this could be regulated? They could have two phones or other avenues of playing the game,right?

I know I have the most keep it real listeners so,give me your two cents on the subject.I say great idea but not sure how you could truly keep them from preying.

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