Scary Shooting near Union College right in our backyard: Luckily he didn’t die from this. It’s really sad that people don’t have anything better to do than pull a gun on someone when an argument starts what happened to handling it like men not savages.

The police had to keep a man who was trying to interfere with the crime-scene to find out what’s going on with his family member. The motive for this shooting is still being investigated.

The man later identified himself as Kory McNair and he said that his stepfather knew his attacker but McNair didn’t know what they were arguing about. Just wish that people would squash their arguments like adults instead of always pulling out a gun like it’s really insensitive to do that.

Bottomline this stupid pointless violence needs to stop because there’s no need to pull a gun out when you’re having an argument with someone just talk it out and leave it there. The man was shot in the arm all because he was having an argument with someone you see how dumb that sounds all this because of an argument seriously c’mon deal with the problem like adults.

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