I went to the movies last weekend and saw the movie, “Ted”. Despite rave reviews from critics I was very disappointed. It wasn’t as good as I anticipated (in my opinion) but there was one GREAT scene that stayed with me.

**SPOILER ALERT** In one segment of the film, Mila Kunis goes on a date with her character’s boss, played by Joel McHale. When Kunis walks away at the end of the date, Joel rips a thunderous fart and says “Thank God” with a euphoric look of relief on his face.

EVERY guy has done this! If you say you haven’t, you’re lying. I wasn’t surprised to see the same situation pop up on the Yahoo Questions page. Here are some of the responses to “Is It Ok To Fart On A First Date”.

"My date accidentally farted in a restaurant. Another table full of people heard it yelled out 'heard that!'. I never laughed so damn hard in all my life. I'm married to him now."

"It's perfectly acceptable as long as you dont trap the other person under the blankets when you do it."

"You gotta ask. Ask real sweet-like, as if you're in pain. After you get permission once you are clear. Rip away after that."


"yeah, fart in her face. she'll love it and tell you to fart more!"

"No because they do not want to smell your funk"

What do you think?

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