Another Hot Topic comes from a young man who wrote in to ask about an older woman at his job that is trying to approach him to start dating outside of work.



Here is what he had to say (unedited)

Hey Supreme,

I want to know your view on older women dating younger men. Right now I am 23, and I’m set to graduate from college later this month. I have been texting back and forth with one of the managers at my job. She is not my direct manager, but things are starting to warm up with our conversations. She is 41 and has a daughter that is around my age 22 and her son is 21 and we all went to the same high school.

I have been slow to accept any offer, she is not a bad-looking woman, she was probably bad 20 years ago but she is almost my mom’s age. She keeps reminding me that her children are grown and I shouldn’t let that come between us. Her advances make me question what could I really do with a woman that old? Also, the natural question here is why is she even interested in me? Let me put this out here on Hot 991 to see what people think. My mom already told me to stay away I just wanted to get some further input.


DJ Supreme's Response

I don’t know this seems a little dangerous, and while that the situation more exciting you have to question is this really worth it? At 23 years old what can you really offer a 39-year-old woman other than sex? You haven’t even really gotten a chance to live life and this woman has children that are almost your age, there is definitely something going on with this woman emotionally to try and date someone so young.

I would be cautious women usually date men that can improve their lives to a certain extent. Unless she sees tremendous potential in you. As a young man, you should focus on your career and it’s never a good idea to date people that you work with. Especially someone in a position of power, this woman should know better than this.

She seems reckless this situation could get out of control and both of you will be answering to your employer, about your personal relationship. The fact that you two work together seems more of an issue than her age. She should know better than to mix business with pleasure at that age, not to mention she has a son around your age. That seems like a conflict waiting to happen between you and her son. I would walk away while you still have your whole life ahead of you. If this was a man dating a younger woman in the office everyone would look at him like he was an old creep. Keep that same energy with her walk away.


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