Being creative can go a long way. Well if you're already in one of the best Ivy League schools, it could make history if you do it right. With colleges and schools all around coming to an end for the summer, finals and end of the year tests are being submitted. Obasi Shaw a 20-year-old Harvard University student made history this past week as he decide to hand in a Rap album as his final thesis paper for one of his classes. Liminal Minds, is the album title and it  “combines elements of Middle English poetry with issues of racial identity in America,” as Obasi Shaw stated. He also went on to say that Rap allows one to be free with thoughts and expression. I personally think this was a cool very creative way to write or rap your final thesis. I think music in generally allows one to express their self and be free to say what they want. Hopefully, my guy Obasi Shaw got an A+. Check out his final thesis below.

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