I have been saying since the ball dropped, 219 is the year of the women and we have not disappointed yet. For the first time in history three African American Women has been crowned Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA.

Nia Franklin, 25 was crowned Miss America 2019 in September. According to The New York Times, Vanessa Williams became the first black woman to win the title in 1984. Nia is no stranger to the crown, in June 2018 she was crowned Miss New York 2018. Reported from MissAmerica.org, Nia Imani Franklin was born in North Carolina. She earned an undergraduate degree in composition from East Carolina University and her masters in fine arts from The University of North Carolina's School of the Arts. She currently lives in Brooklyn after she was awarded a Kenan Fellowship at New York's Lincoln Center Education. When her father and superhero was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma Franklin became his stem cell donor. Desperately needing a way to pay for schooling she joined the Miss America Organization. “I had to find a way to pay for myself to go to school and so I entered this competition and this organization and it became much more than just the scholarship money for me, it was also about the mentor-ship, leadership and sisterhood you find in this program,” she says in an interview. Clearly, Nia is more than a pretty face teaching music, becoming a music mentor, and writing over 100 songs - oh and did I mention she only 25?

Cheslie Kryst, was crowned this year Miss USA and shes ones bad momma-jamma. Kryst stood out against the competition as she sports her natural long tight curls in this year 2019 pageant. Interviewing with Refinery29, she says, "So I was a little bit worried and anxious about doing it but I thought I want to do it as the most real and authentic me and is really what my hair represents." Kryst is the definition of beauty and brains in addition to being crowned Miss USA, she is also a full-time law attorney, runs a blog White Collar Glam which provides work wear, fashion, inspiration and resources for women, reported from pageantupdate.info. Cheslie graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law and Graduate School of Business where she earned both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Business administration degree. While studying at Honors College at the University of South Carolina she conducted research on body images and started a clothing line of gowns with her 1,500 grant for all body types. In 2016 she won the "Rock the Runway" design competition after making a ball gown out of newspapers. Miss USA is a all America she landed top 10 in the record book in the triple jump at South Carolina ( explains them legs ).  Her most recent project is working with socialite Kim Kardashian in the prison reform movement. In a interview with TMZ live, she tells TMZ she is working to free an inmate who is serving a life sentence for a low-level drug charge in her home town.

Kaleigh Garris representing Connecticut wins Miss Teen USA 2019. The 18 year old rocked her natural curls as well and the crowned fit just right on top of her head. "For the first time in a long time the crown has been placed on natural hair it's something that people doesn't usually see on a regular basis or in these major pageant competitions," Garris told ELLE.com in a recent interview and she right last time was 1999, Ashely Coleman. Garris attends ACES Educational Center for the Arts and founded "We Are People 1st" an organization to assist people with disabilities. Inspired by her older sister who has disabilities, according to CTPOST. She's also trained in Jazz, Pointe, Hip Hop, and Tap dance. After graduating high school Miss Teen USA plans to attend Southern Connecticut State University nursing program to work as a trauma nurse.

Beauty pageants can be seen as senseless popularity contest competition. These three women winning symbolize  to all young black girls in America that you can be and do anything you wish. Sending a positive message it doesn't have to be only "one" black woman or man at the top. Be comfortable with yourself, the natural you and your inner beauty will show for the world to see. #BLACKGIRLSROCK

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