Seeing an elderly man pushed to the ground did not sit well with Governor Andrew Cuomo. He spoke about an incident that occurred on Thursday night, in front of Buffalo City Hall, at his daily briefing on Friday.

A video that went viral shows an elderly white man, later identified as Martin Gugino, being shoved to the ground by two Buffalo City Police officers. The incident occurred on Thursday night, shortly before the city's 8 o’clock curfew. The video shows Buffalo City police officers, dressed in riot gear, attempting to clear protesters from Niagara Square.

The video was very difficult to watch. It appears that Mr. Gugino was approaching the officers when he was pushed to the ground by two officers. Mr. Gugino was shoved so hard that he stumbled backward and hit his head on the sidewalk. Blood immediately began to gush from Mr. Gugino’s ear. It looked like one of the officers approached the injured man to check on him, but he was persuaded to keep walking. The remaining officers walked right past the bleeding man and did not stop to render aid. Mr. Gugino was transported to the hospital, where he is listed in serious condition.

Governor Cuomo was able to speak to Mr. Gugino, but he was extremely upset with the officers involved. He was upset with the officers for pushing the man and for not rendering aid to the elderly man that they injured. Governor Cuomo said “It’s fundamentally offensive and frightening. How did we get to this place?“.

The two officers involved in the incident have been suspended and the Erie County District Attorney has launched an investigation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Gugino and to all the protesters.

It seems like state political leaders all came out to say what we saw on the video was absolutely disgusting and that is not how our neighborhoods should be policed. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, sign an executive order announcing police reform to include the banning of choke/neck holds, establish a duty to intervene with fellow police offices, complicit bias training, and history classes.

While this executive order is very symbolic, until there is punishment for police officers who step over the line we will continue to see these same problems, I don't think the officers lack the knowledge they lack consequences for their actions.

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