Today’s scenario comes from a woman who wanted to remain anonymous but she has a serious question, is there any way to stop a man from cheating. Check out the letter that she wrote and let's see if there is a resolution to her problem?

Hello Rodney,

I’m writing this to you because I’m angry, frustrated and hurt, with my husband of 5 years we have been in a relationship for 10 years. I just found out that my husband has been in a relationship with another woman for the past 4 years. This is not the first issue than we have had with infidelity while dating he was in a relationship with another woman for 2 years. When he got caught up cheating last time he apologized and promised to remain faithful, but has been distant ever since the first incident of him getting caught cheating.

The cheating really hurts me because we took vows in front of God and my family, for him to break these vows and continuously cheat makes me wonder Why I married him in the first place? I do truly love him, but I can’t handle the insecurity that his infidelity has caused anymore.

I don’t believe a word that comes out of my husband's mouth, I have the password to his phone and I track his daily driver habits through an app. He still regularly sees his sidepiece but this is really the only other woman he interacts with.

Other than his side chick he is the perfect husband he provides and is always there for his daughters, one from a previous relationship and me and him have 2-year old baby girl. Should I just accept this man is a cheater and leave him and move on with life, or is there a way to convert a cheater. Is there any way I can stop my man from cheating? Thanks for your help, I listen to you every afternoon and like your insight on certain topics.

Let’s talk about it: this afternoon's trending topic is can she stop her man from cheating? People are going to do whatever he wants to do, and if your not the same page about your relationship, your partner will find other options. The same principle applies to women, if you are not happy in the relationship, women will leave you with the quickness.

If you look at statistics women initiate 85% of the divorces. Give me a call this afternoon at 518-370-9910 or check-in via the Hot 991 app.

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