Is the idea to have police officers wear body cameras a step in the right direction towards proper law enforcement?

Police Dept. In Utah Town To Outfit Entire Force With Body Cameras
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Police Departments such as the Albany departments have been implementing the use of body cameras on police officers and are in the works of making all police officers wear these body cameras by this summer. Since last year October, 20 officers working for the Albany police department have been testing out four different cameras, and the department will soon be choosing the most effective camera for Albany police officers to start wearing by July.

Although body cameras may seem like an effort to ensure proper law enforcement, the underlying question is will this bring the change that we seek in terms of good, proper law enforcement in our communities. Having body cameras will record video footage of all encounters, allowing us to hear the perspectives of both the police officer and the individual. However, there still may be some doubt and concerns about how body cameras will play a role in the everyday encounters of police officers and the community. To offer my opinion or concerns on the subject, I feel that this has the ability to improve law enforcement and diminish some of the unfair and unjust encounters that people experience with cops daily. This is not targeted to Albany police department specifically but to police officers and departments in the entire country.  The implementation of body cameras is a step in the right direction but although police officers will be wearing these cameras, how will the departments ensure that police will turn on their camera when they’re supposed to and use the camera correctly. What other questions do you feel could be raised regarding this issue? Comment below.


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