SUNY Adirondack is trying to help those who lost their jobs or are looking for a job in the Capital Region by offering free training classes in the IT field. The two free courses being offered are front-end web development and a "Python" programming language for data analytics according to Spectrum News.

This past year has been tough for so many in the Capital Region. Many either lost their jobs or are unable to get a good-paying one. The free SUNY Adirondack program is made possible by the non-profit AlbanyCanCody and The Workforce Readiness Academies Program (WRAP).

Founder and CEO of AlbanyCanCode, Annmarie Lanesey said this of the program:

There's a large number of people, that if they don't know how to use computers, or do certain types of work involving computers, they are just left out of the equation for the jobs of the future. So now more than ever I believe is a critical time for people to be gaining these skills.

She went on to say that there are many jobs available in the tech sector but they are going unfilled because there aren't enough people qualified or skilled to do the jobs. These jobs support the tech industry, not programmers. So if you understand some of the technology, you will be able to help on the software team.

If you are worried about taking classes and not having the support to do so, there is help. WRAP not only provides free training it also offers child care, access to technology, success coaching to help make it easier for part-time workers and parents to get the training they need to get a new job.

These free training classes are part of state and federal grant money that can assist seventy-five people. The first classes start on July 20th. To find out how to apply and to get more information click HERE.

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