It’s not often that a crew member from the USS Enterprise stops by the Capital Region, but one will be taking a break from his ship duties to beam down for a free speaking engagement this fall.

Though Star Trek: The Original Series only ran for three seasons, its impact on pop culture is undeniable - spawning one of the largest franchises in science fiction. Numerous shows, movies, and strange new worlds have been explored by the Enterprise and her crews for more than half a century with some truly massive names in entertainment.

That’s why it’s so monumental that a local library is hailing the bridge for a legendary actor, social media star, author, and Grammy nominated artist for this free talk.

(Somehow Shatner fits all of those criteria, but it’s not him. I just have a sick compulsion to remind you this video exists.)

Glens Falls, The Final Frontier

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls will welcome George Takei, aka Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, on October 26. Takei will give a 45-minute talk of his life story followed by a 30-minute question and answer session at the intimate Charles R. Wood Theatre.

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It’s well-known that Takei is an outspoken LGBTQ and political activist in both his public and private lives, but he’ll also discuss his placement into one of the US Government’s internment camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII. While some try to sweep that darker chapter of history under the rug, Takei openly educates about his childhood experience there so as to avoid similar national missteps in the future.

The Trouble (But No Tribbles)

If you’re trying to Klingon to hope, there’s no easy way to say this: if you haven’t gotten your tickets, you’re looking down the barrel at a proverbial Kobayashi Maru (that is, a no-win scenario). The evening is already full, within less than 24 hours of the library’s announcement.

Getty Images for AMC
Getty Images for AMC

If you want to see George and haven’t already made the list, you’ll have to resort to reruns or the holodeck. (Yeah, I know the holodeck is from The Next Generation. The Original Series is still the best, though.)

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