Whether you loved it or hated it, New York’s last gasp of warm weather before winter was one for the record books. Many Upstate cities saw some long-standing record daily highs get topped over the weekend.

It’s hard to imagine breaking out the A/C for a November night, but the sweaters went away and the short sleeves returned. What’s even more momentous? Albany came within 1.2 degrees of cementing a record that hasn’t been recorded since 1874.

Golfers’ Paradise

A map of how La Nina affects the US climate during winter.

This may be a taste of what to expect this winter in New York. Last month, the NOAA Climate Prediction Center upgraded odds of a La Nina extension into February to 75%. If La Nina sticks around, this vastly raises Upstate NY’s chances of a warm, wet winter.

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On Friday, 11/4, temperatures at Albany International Airport reached 75. On Saturday, Albany hit 76, and beat the November 5 record-high of 75 set in 1994. The National Weather Service confirmed that temperatures at Albany International hit 71 on Sunday.

Too Cool For The Record

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Weather Underground lists Monday’s official recorded high in Albany as 69. A more detailed breakdown at Local Conditions showing the peak was 69.8 degrees. The peak lasted from 1:15p until 1:50p.

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Since the National Weather Service started collecting data in 1874, Albany has never had four consecutive days of 70 degrees or higher in November. If Monday has been .2 degrees hotter, it would have been one for the history books.

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A string of three November days above 71 like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday has only occurred six times in recorded history. One was in 2020. Despite the longevity of the warm spell, Albany didn’t even get close to beating the all-time November high. That would be 82, set in 1950. According to the NWS, Albany’s average November high is 53.

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