A video showed up on social media on Sunday displaying a rowdy, destructive mob near the University of Albany.

On Sunday morning Instagram user barstoolalbany, posted a video onto Instagram showing a large destructive mob dancing on top of a vehicle.

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Members of the Albany Police Department are investigating the video that showed up on Instagram depicting a disturbing incident in the city. Police believe that the video was taken on Saturday and shows about 1000 people ruining a car by stomping and dancing on it.

Police confirm that they received a call for a large destructive crowd on Hudson Street between Quail Street and Ontario Street. In addition to dancing on top of the car, police say that there were glass bottles thrown at the responding officers, and 10 people were ticketed during the incident.

Onlookers can be heard in the video laughing and cheering in the background. Some of the comments on Instagram say that there was nothing wrong with the behavior, but most did not condone it. One user said, “. Bro if that were my car…”. Another user wrote, “I’m sure that kid is going to be upset when he realizes the entire freshman class filmed him vandalizing property.”

I know that college is supposed to be a fun time, to find yourself and grow up, but this was nothing less than rioting for no good reason. To me the video is ridiculous. How was it fun to mess up someone else’s car? I hope that the police do a thorough investigation of the mob and hold them responsible for damaging property.

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