I absolutely love the new recruitment video produced by the Town of Colonie Police Department.  It's equal parts hilarious, sefl-depricating, informative, fun and motivational and if you or someone you know is considering a job in law enforcement with the Colonie Police, show them this video.

It's no secret that over the years, I've had a personal friendship with some of the officers on the force, but aside from that, I just resepct the sh*t out of the work they, and all, local law enforcement do. This video does an incredible job of showcasing all of the skills needed to be a cop these days, while highlighting the ethnic, cultural and gender diversity of the people they hire.

The recruitment video me laugh and gave me chills, as well as a true sense of Capital Region pride and it literally made me want to run through a brick wall and join their team.  But that's not going to happen.  At best, I might be promoted to "Senior" Junior Deputy, which at this point in my life I'll gladly take.


A few years ago, I participated in a few training videos of my own with the Colonie Police.  The first video is a ride along in which I proceeded to effectivelty annoy the hell out of the officers who were kind and polite, depsite my goofy antics and nervous rapid-fire style questions.

The second video we did was more of a training video which put me in crisis situations with real-life (fake) bad guys.  It was incredibly unnerving, but the experience at their training facility gave me real perspective in regards to the skills needed to de-escalate a situation that could go wrong in a hurry.  While my intentions were good, I'm pretty sure if it were a real-life emergency call, I would have got my partner (or myself) shot at least two or three times.


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