Last week I tried to let French Montana slide when he mentioned that he would beat Kendrick Lamar in a Beat Battle but this one I can’t let go.  He has to go into the Big Dummy Files for this one.

Recently French Montana expanded on how there are only two people he feels like would be able to beat him in a beat battle, Drake, and Jay-Z.

I don’t know what is going on with French Montana.  He is either overconfident, delusional, or on drugs. Maybe all three but pick which narrative you want to run with but something is definitely going on here.

Let’s break this down Drake is arguably the number 1 artist in the world right now.  I’m no Drake cheerleader but facts are facts.  Jay Z has been rapping since the ’80s with hits across decades.  He is Jay-Z enough said.

 For French Montana to think that what he has done thus far in career compares to these two is funny.  I get it that French Montana should think highly of himself self but Frenchie Montana I like your music but come on bro.

French Montana has a lot of work to do to get on Jay Z or Drakes level, Welcome French Montana to the Big Dummy Files.

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