In this day in age everybody has something to say and there is no better place to make disrespectful comments under the guise of anonymity like the comment section on the news website. Some of these comments are just as stupid as the kids fighting in the mall.

This looks like some kids acting stupid in the mall. From reading these comments you would think these teenagers had super strength or were on the verge of killing some one. The only people harmed in the filming of this were the other idiots who were throwing things right back.

Funny Comments :

What do the people on the bus have to do with any of this ? stereotype much ? I didn't see any gang signs being thrown ? and who still throws gang signs this is not the 90's ?

Really ? How many times have you been to mall and nothing has happened so off of this one instance you are scared for your life ? Ma'am you need get out more.

This is best comment on the thread.... Instead of the adults calling the police who may have been able to contain the incident.  They proceed to record via their cell phones and request for some one else to call the Cops ..... This makes perfect sense.