There's no secret that both Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul beef been on-going for the last decade. In what was supposed to be Lebron James welcoming home debut to the Lakers turns into a brawl we haven’t seen in the NBA in a long time. Many say Lakers player, Brandon Ingram started the escalated tension when he grew frustrated with Rockets player and MVP James Harden.

Throughout the game, small bumps and trash talk turns into fist fighting and spitting (yes spitting), when Ingram pushes the MVP player after a call made by referees.  In the mist of officials and teammates trying to de-escalate the situation with Brandon Ingram and James Harden, who was seen walking away, and Brandon getting into the referees face.  Words were exchanged between the 10-year rivals Rondo and Chris Paul. A close-up video from ESPN First Take, you see both men getting into each other faces.

You see Chris Paul wiping his face, and pointing his finger into Rondo's face. Rondo then throws a connecting punch at Chris Paul, and Chris connects to Rondo's face as well with an undercut.  Lebron James breaks up the fight, grabbing an angry Chris Paul. Chris Paul tells Lebron “He spit in my face,” also on the way out he tells commentators the same, says Stephen A. from ESPN.

Rondo and his team are denying that the spitting incident was not done intentionally, video and Chris Paul says otherwise. Brandon Ingram, the starter of this brawl, does apologize publicly for this behavior, he was suspended for four games (many people think it should be more) Rajon Rondo 3 games and Chris Paul 2 games. Oh Yeah! and the Lakers lost that night.

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