When are the fights at Crossgates mall going to end?

The last time I was there, I did see an increase of security. So it shocked me that this past weekend I hear of another brawl that took place with these out of hand juvenile delinquents. Guilderland police say two vehicles then left the scene and were located by State Troopers and refused to stop on the highway which took police on a pursuit. One of the cars were stolen and 9 teenagers were taken into custody.

As this investigation continues, more than likely there is going to be charges filed due to the stolen vehicle and running from the police. How did these juveniles even get away with there being a high prescence of security in the mall? Shouldn’t they be detaining these juveniles until the police arrive? I just have so many questions as to why out of all the malls in the Capital District, Crossgates seems to always have this problem.

Does anyone else think the parents should be held responsible for these constant fights at the mall? I do. Look into the homes of these teenagers and find out what’s really going on? Ban them from the mall, if they really want to fight, let them take it to the streets. They shouldn’t be allowed to continue to visit the mall causing a ruckus while other people are there with their families and friends to shop and dine.

As a parent, I would be embarrassed. Charges need to be pressed immediately.

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