In today's age cameras are everywhere and people record anything. In this video I just saw on my FaceBook wall, from Henry Johnson Blvd. There was an all out riot and it was all caught on camera. No one bothered to step in and stop the fight and if you really look closely at the video you will see one person getting chased with a knife.

My question is why is this type of behavior acceptable ? Instead of some one stopping the fight everyone participates in it, like this is fun or funny. This is absolutely crazy and 10 years ago this would have been unheard of. As a society where are we going when events like this happen in every city every where every day. Then people will complain there is nothing to do….. Well when you act like this who wants to provide a forum for you to do anything.

If someone was killed in this fight, the hood would have all had on R.I.P. t shirts and people would've been talking about "Stop The Violence". We have to teach our kids this type of behavior is not acceptable. This is really animal like behavior….. yes I said it. We have got to do better. There is nothing fun or funny about this video and it will probably be used as evidence. SMDH