This season of RHOA has been the most watched drama filled season to date! Part 1 of the Reunion did not disappoint bringin more ratchetness from the ladies of ATL! Porsha snatches Kenya up! Watch the video!


Porsha may've been wrong for snatchin Kenya's weave & draggin her to the floor, but let's face it, Kenya Whore-Moore more than deserved it! Go Porsha!

Kenya starts off with a sceptor as if she's a queen pointing the stick in the ladies faces. Once again, Kenya antagonizes Porsha.  Porsha starts off by grabbin the pointer from Kenya as Andy questions Kenya about her fake African prince.



Kenya is such a hater & has been hatin on Porsha ever since these two were brought together a few seasons ago! Kenya antagonizes Porsha with a megaphone talkin smack once again about her marriage, something Kenya obviously knows nothin about since she can't pay someone to marry her annoyin ass! Check out Porsha's drop em weave move here!






Funny thing is, everyone's so focused on the fight noone  notices Cynthia's nip slip!





Andy has a zero tolerance for violence & so he tells Porsha to cool off & go home.  Is he gonna tell Kenya that megaphones & sceptors are not allowed at the reunions?


Kenya really is such a troublemaker & instigator that she provoked Porsha who has been under alot of stress in light of her recent divorce. Kenya's antics may keep the ratings up but viewers hate her. We wonder who Bravo will eliminate from the cast.

Kenya did file assault charges on Porsha. Porsha turned herself in & was released on $2000 bail.

Part 2 of the Reunion airs next Sunday!