Ever wandered if the office jerk or that one annoying as hell worker knows that's how co-workers label them?

Everyone has had one of 'those' co-workers and I'm sure your job is no different.Sure everyone should get along because we are adults and have learned this skill,But truth is you wont like everybody!

Annoyed Man

If you haven't noticed the dynamic in your office maybe after reading this you will.I know I've had jobs where I was first in and first out on purpose.And Ive had jobs where everyone but that one just drove me crazy!

I recently learned a good friend of mine discovered she was the "annoy-er" in her office.She said she asked exactly what made her annoying?No one would be specific and one finally told her she smiles too much and she comes to work like she has no cares.She was confused because being the youngest in her office and the newest most of her co-workers exclude her from conversations and activities even after shes made an effort to engage.

So she did what any respectable person would do she laughed it off. In this case her being positive annoyed her colleagues.So I thought I'd pose these  questions to you all.

Are you the Debbie downer?The office jerk?Or maybe the TMI police?Would you be willing to tell your co-worker that's how they're labeled? This is how my friend ultimately found out how she was labeled.Trust me labels are easy to give and easy to receive.Treat each other right even if it's hard to and some make it so hard!

Give me your two cents @radiogodess.


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