Will officers wearing body cams do their job better? Do you feel safer knowing they will be wearing them?

No matter your opinion, they will be coming to the APD!

As a matter of fact, the police department has released a draft policy that calls for mandatory use of body cameras in all calls for service, pursuits, and law enforcement actions. Exceptions from the rule include interviews, minors, and victims of sexual assault, as well as in situations that would "ridicule or embarrass anyone".

I think this is a great idea- a good way for everyone to cover their a** when things get "complicated". I don't know why every city doesn't have them, it would cut down on many crimes committed on both ends. We know that they can turn those cameras off, too.

So, does that make me change my mind? NO! Because then the question will be asked: WHY would an officer need to turn off the camera unless... he's not upholding the law!

What's your take? Does this make YOU feel safer when getting pulled over?