50 Cent will feed 1 billion children in Africa before 2016.

We all know 50 Cent as the brash, outspoken hip-hop icon from Southside Jamaica Queens coming from humble beginnings to now being worth an estimated $260 million. What you may not know about Curtis Jackson is that he is a huge philanthropist.

50 Cent just announced that he will be attempting to feed over 1 billion hungry children in Africa before the end of 2016 with his “Individual Social Responsibility” project. This may not come as a surprise to many, as 50 has been preparing for this since the launch of his energy drink, Street King, now known as the SK Energy Shot, where a portion of the proceeds already go to hungry children in Africa.

What I love about this is 50's not doing this because he wants to gain publicity from this. The man actually cares about paying it forward and could care less about the notoriety such a large project like this would generate if he's successful in his mission.

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