Its been officially 1 year for me working at Hot991. I feel like my listeners know me for the most part because I try to keep it 100 with them, but there is still a lot more to Keisha Renee than just what you get on the radio.No I didn't live the hard knock life but I definitely didn't come from a hand out either.Here is 5 things I'll let you in on that you may have not know.

1) I almost got signed to Def Jam and probably could have been the next Nicki Minja (still may happen)

2) My nephew and I are the original creators of Chucky and The Bride. We still collect royalties from the movie.

3) I have created not 1 but 2 painting that have both sold on eBay for a whopping 1.5 million dollars.

4) Bonnie and Clyde don't have nothing on Me and Tim, Cash us outside.

5) We dated for a short period but I had to break it off because he questioned me to much.