So the other day I had the pleasure of stopping by Alliance for positive health on Broadway in Albany and hung out with some of the young adults who are apart of a group called "Real Talk'.

I cant lie before I met the group I did not know what to expect and the questions that would be asked because lets face it sex is a very personal topic and many shy away from talking about it. Well since this is "Real Talk" and these young adults have been highly informed and do such a great job of promoting safe sex and informing those with information, I asked them questions and got some cool and interesting responses. (Check out part 1 of the interview below).


Real Talk is a group of young adults and teens who help spread a positive message about practicing safe sex , and getting tested.

A lot of young people these days don't know the many STD's that are out there and they are also not educated on positive methods to take in practicing safe sex. The most important thing is to always get tested and know your status.

Next Thursday they will have a back to school event where teens and young adults could go get tested for free and in return receive free school supplies for the up and coming school year. There will also be games, music, performances and prizes.

back to school event

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