"Put yourself in a position to win"

Lets just start this off by saying Revolt Music Conference was EVERYTHING.

This past week I attended the fourth annual Revolt Music Conference down in Miami at the Eden Rock Hotel. The 5 day event was fulled with networking seminars and panel talks from some of your favorites in the music/ entertainment industry, along with a series of mini concerts.

Some of the panel talk topics were;just to name a few "The power of the playlist", " The New Record Business", " I'll Make you famous" , "The Hustle is Real".

One of my favorite panel talks was " The power of the playlist" Moderated by Ed Lover who kept it all the way real . Panelists included just to name a few Adelle Platon (editor of culture and content for TIDAL), Tuma Basa (global programming head for Hip Hop at Spotify), Justin Boland ( Head of programing for Pandora). They talked a lot about how artists could use there platforms to increase there own brand. They gave a few pointers on personal brands such as podcasts and mini web shows that could benefit as well to some of those companies.

Another one of my favorite panel talks was the topic"How to build your personal brand in corporate America". Bozoma St.John (chief brand officer for Uber) told us her coming of story and how people will root for you to win but still want you to fail. She talked very personal about her choices and why she made them. I felt like I could relate to her a lot. I also took a lot from the private conversation we had in the lobby one thing that stuck with me the most is when she told me " What god got for you is for you only". #Note taken.

From mini concerts, to networking in the hotel lobby in between seminars Revolt Music Conference was a blast. The best thing about the lobby was that a lot of executives and people in "power" where in the lobby as regular people just hanging out with everyone else. I met a couple dope people in the lobby. #Thankful.

The Gala dinner was AMAZING!! just think about having dinner with Diddy and his family, and Andre Herral along with music producers and artists. I got to see Lauryn Hill and SZA perform. WHAT!!!! Talk about feeling important. #GoalDigger

I cant forget the yacht party hosted by 2 Chainz was epic. Open bar, dope music and vibes from some of you favorites, 3.5 hours on the water #EPIC.

But like all good things, they must end and reality must be brought back to life. I personally advise any artist and people in the music/ entertainment field to attend some of these festivals and Revolt being one. You never know who you will meet and what they can help you out with.

I took a lot from this conference but one thing I took in the most is "apply knowledge and what you learned and follow up" . They say sometimes its not what you know but who you know!.