You may or may not know Dj Ness Nice personally, but he has been rocking with Hot 99.1 for a little while now.

You can catch Ness Nice on Saturdays with Keisha Renee during the big throw back at noon. More recently he is the featured DJ for the month of January on the Keisha Renee Show

Get familiar with Ness Nice:


With virtually 20 years of Djing experience, Ness Nice grew up in a household filled with music. His father had an extensive vinyl collection that could put most old school Dj’s to shame. We’re talking music from the 60’s through the 80’s. Smokey Robinson, James Brown, The Beatles and The Doors were just a few of his musical influences growing up! Raised in a military family it was while living in Germany at the ripe age of 7 that he decided what he wanted to do when he grew up. After seeing Djs such as Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay and Jazzy Jay popularize the art of being a scratch Dj, Ness Nice fascination with djing began. When asked by his teacher “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ness Nice replied, “I want to be a Dj like Jam Master Jay”. While all of the other students were responding, Dr’s, lawyers, etc… Here was this young boy only 7 wanting to give the gift of music to the world. After moving back to New York from Germany, he and his childhood friends whom all shared the same interests in music, formed a rap group. Ness Nice quickly took the lead; although he was the best rapper in the group he couldn’t help being drawn to what the Dj was doing. While watching his friend on the 1’s and 2’s he realized the techniques of djing came naturally to him. Realizing he had a natural talent for djing the rap group ultimately turned into a Dj crew. In no time, he and his friends would be rocking all the hottest parties, from school dances to house parties for years to come. Surpassing his peers with his supreme skill level Dj Ness Nice began to make a name for himself. Winning many local Dj battles, Headlining at various venues from clubs to lounges all before the age of 20. Through out this time he realized he possessed a gift many wish they had, the ability to connect his soul to the turntables and move a crowd! With his keen musicality it was only right that Ness Nice delve into the position of music producer. Purchasing a mpc2000xl sampler and a Korg Triton keyboard, he effortlessly began creating tracks for up and coming recording artists such as Smitty (J Records), Ameer (Tommy Boy), Mr. Starcity (Ninjasonik) and Underground MC Geolani Grandz. With a reputation as a major player on the party/music scene, Ness Nice understands his targeted demographic. Whether it be oldies, electro-house or hardcore hip-hop, he knows that in order to be a successful Dj in this day and age you must know your music. You have to be able to move a crowd no matter what creed or genre they stem from.

Check him out every day at 12noon with Keisha Renee inside the Throw Back mix show.

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